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I love being an artist and author and would love to share my journey with all of its rewards and challenges and the lessons I’ve learned with you and your school.


Below are the various programs I offer suitable for learners from Kindergarten to Grade 7.



Every project I’ve worked on is special to me in its own way, but only one is my favourite. In this presentation I talk about a few of my most rewarding career highlights along with the work and attitude involved in reaching them. The presentation culminates with an exciting reading of my latest and favourite project “Em and the Cat”. “Em and the Cat” is an exuberant, captivating adventure and the first Children’s book I’ve both authored and illustrated.

Following the reading we discuss the many questions and ideas normally sparked by the story and we close the program with age appropriate activities that range from a game, to colouring sheets, to creative writing and comic book creation exercises related to the story.

Materials required: Black and white photocopies and writing and drawing tools such as crayons,  pencils, pens, coloured pencils, markers and drawing pens.

Carnival Classroom! Grade-1-3

In this presentation I create a Carnival experience that teaches us about this fascinating story of triumph and beauty in Black History. The program opens with a short kid friendly slide show that tells the story of how African slaves arrived in Trinidad and Tobago and the ways their culture created the incredible spectacle that is contemporary Carnival. Students then get a chance to partake in our own Carnival as we “jump up” to an upbeat Soca song using an easy choreography. The latter half of the program students are allowed to unleash their creativity to make Carnival costumes using crafting materials that reflect both historic and modern traditions.

Materials required: White glue, scissors, coloured paper.

 A materials fee of $1.20/student applies to this program.

The POW!er of Comics Grades 5-7

Comics are a powerful, fun and versatile way of telling a story. In this presentation I take students through a brief overview of the fascinating and seldom explored history of comics in North America and beyond. We then look at some basic comic theory that sets the basis for an exercise where we create our own thoughtful comics. This presentation easily ties into current events or current areas of study.

Materials required: Black and white photocopies and drawing tools such as pencils, markers and drawing pens.

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