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Author, Lisa D. Adams, the CEO and Director of the Lisa Adams Group is a mother, youth leader, coach, teacher, mentor and philanthropist. She is the niece of the late John H. Burrell who is to known to most as “Uncle Johnny.” This is her first illustrated book about her uncle. Lisa and Uncle Johnny were not only relatives but friends. He was her favorite uncle and personal comedian, musician, hair stylist, and storyteller. Londyn Taylor is the extended niece of the late John H. Burrell. She was 5 years of age at the time his wings were received. Although she understands Uncle Johnny lives with God, it does not stop her from thinking of him and having her own private conversations with   him in spirit. Londyn’s relationship with Uncle Johnny sparked the creation of this collector’s item.The many shared thoughts and conversations with  the author, known to her as Auntie Lisa gives  her the title of inspirational author.

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