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Shy Dylan arrives at a summer arts camp and immediately connects with flamboyant Coral. They bond over the aquatic theme of the camp and a drive to create comic books. The two girls plan a comic book about lifeguards who are transformed into mermaids and fight for eco-justice in the sea.

At first Dylan wishes she could be more outgoing, like Coral. But Coral's tendency to appear loud and foolish pushes Dylan back behind the scenes, where she has always been comfortable. When Coral draws the attention of the camp mean girls and a boy who is determined to prank the camp's final show, Dylan has a decision to make. Should she stay on the bullies' good side, or should she step out of her comfort zone to save Coral and the show?

Using comic-book illustrations starring Dylan's and Coral's alter egos, this book combines humorous text with an exciting but quite real-life comic-book adventure.

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