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For my son's first birthday I wanted to give him something special, like really special. Something amazing to honour this first year.
But what do you do to please a one year old other than gift him a fridge box? I couldn't think of a toy or trinket special enough to convey just how important this day was for us and everyone who knows and loves him. 


Am I making a big deal of nothing?


I don't think so. The culmination of this first year of so much love and adventure was immensly important to me.


So what did I get him?


Well, I made a comic about his first year of course!

I made a comic that was bright and colourful with lots of words and pictures for him to enjoy.

A comic that showcased all of his heroic efforts in surviving this first year on planet earth with his crazy mom.

A comic that was entertaining enough to share with those who care about him without boring them to death.

A comic thae he will have  forever. The first in a lifelong series. I hope he has more than 100 episodes.  Because my son has a mother who is a comicographer he will have a collection that will not only document but hopefully help shape his amazing life. I want him to make every year "comic worthy" .


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