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Preschoolers love to create and have fun in the art area. They learn to use their fine motor skills at a very young age. The exploration into art expands the imagination and shapes the artistic side in young learners. We as teachers need to encourage and promote what children are learning --art has an everlasting affect that goes far and beyond the scope and sequence of the imagination.

Evelyn Ayum was born in Brooklyn New York at Brooklyn Jewish hospital. 

She is the eldest of five children by Jean and Joseph Smith who now reside in Wallace, Rose Hill North Carolina. Her sister Corlis Smith and brother Darrell Smith both live in Raleigh North Carolina.
For the last 25 years of her life she has been devoted to educating children, teachers and families. She worked as a special education teacher for about 10 years and as a resource teacher/coach for more than 10 years. What she always wanted to write about was the information that she wanted to offer teachers and administrators about best practices. 

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