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Em and the Cat-Paperback

It was a great day for Em.
An email had arrived late the night before letting parents and kids know there'd be no school. With Mama working from home and no play-date or outing to be had, Em is left with a very tempting choice; several blissful hours of screen.
They couldn't have been more thrilled.
But just as their favourite show begins, something furry and feline, mysterious and mischievous arrives sending their plans for a relaxing day out the window--literally!
To get back to their devices, Em must embark on their wildest and most exciting journey yet and it's possible they may never return!
Packed with larger than life illustrations and non-stop action, Em and the Cat is an exuberant adventure that creates space for growth and fun in the expansive universe of the imagination.

Em and the Cat-Paperback

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