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Entering the new millennium evolves a force of terrorism called "Secturians" An evil force of terrorists that recruits women of color from Africa, the Middle East, and other regions of planet earth to join their evil terrorist organization called Karkase under the leadership of Ecstasy “Scavenger and Scum of the Planet Earth”. He summons Fatality a Black Cuban Terrorist of African descent to command the Secturians, and she is also a lifetime member of Karkase. Since the beginning of time, our enemies have used women as a weapon to manipulate, infiltrate, a Trojan Horse, and assist in breaching the enemy perimeters. Torah Knights is an elite militia that created Operation Trapazonians code name Queens as a sister unit. Suju and the Dynamic Trio secretly appoints Shelia as commander of the Trapazonians, and also is a member of the Katalambano. NATO summons Suju and the Dynamic Trio to create the Katalambano, and would later convert the name to the Torah Knights after experiencing a revelation from the Middle East. Genesis created the Torah Knights and later invited other warriors outside the original fabulous five (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) who are now called the Pentagonians and recruits the Quadrozoids: Botak, Coco Bluff, Uranius, and his brother Driftour; who are out for justice against the evil forces of "Karkase," a psychotic terrorist organization determined to rule the world. NATO later would incorporate the name of Torah Knights as an elite task force, while the Katalambano remains as a detachment unit under the code name one eight seven. Operation Trapazonians code name Queens the few, that are chosen to become guardians of planet earth. Operations Queens made a vow with the Torah Knights to defend, preserve, sacrifice their lives, and protect mankind from the Secturians. Summoned by Karkase an evil terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

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